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Our goal is to Strengthen Our Communities through focused Digital Inclusion curricula and workforce development preparation programs. To do that we offer engaging digital, STEM education, health and finance literacy instruction and lesson plans with an engaging model that’s inclusive of K-12 and adult learners. Whether they are stand alone units or integrated into your existing programs, all of our programs empower individuals to increase their knowledge and actively engage in the digital community

Why Is Digital Inclusion Important?

Digital literacy is defined as the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information requiring both cognitive and technical skills. To navigate the current economy and even most everyday tasks digital literacy is key to a smoother experience.

Our Focus

In several communities in North Texas, there are many who are not digitally literate due to a lack of accessibility and availability of knowledge and information to assist them with bridging the digital divide. With various external partnerships, we maximize our reach across the North Texas region to provide the best opportunities with the best resources available.




ISD/Charter/Private Schools

City/State Governments


To hone your critical thinking skills and develop strong self-confidence in this ever-changing economy can take some work. Build up your armor with one of our following certifications:

Tier 1:  Program Orientation

 Tier 2:  PDF Career Pathways

 Tier 3:  Workforce Training Certification


When it comes to public digital literacy, it's important to stay up-to-date on the key components of your everyday life. Get literate in life with our following programs:

Smart Money:  Financial Literacy

 Ready-4-Work:  Employment/Work Literacy

 Digital Fitness:  Health/Wellness Literacy

Stem-4-All: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Literacy

FUND Learn Socialize

Stay on the cutting edge side of and learn to code as a team. Attend one of our lounges to get started on building a level future:

Coding Lounges

 IT Product Lounges

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